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The AdTaily Group creates and develops projects related to advertising and media. We work in the web and mobile environment. Our solutions are distinguished by our team's expertise, professional approach to the client and product uniqueness.The company was established in 2008. Our first product was AdTaily Network, which still enjoys popularity among Polish advertisers and publishers. In 2009 our start-up gained an investor – Agora SA, one of the biggest media groups in CEE.

In 2010 AdTaily was recognized by CNBC Business Magazine as one of 25 most innovative European companies of the year. A year later, in 2011, AdTaily Network started a process of transformation from a self-service ad network into a group of advanced ad-tech brands. Today, AdTaily is a rapidly growing company with 3 specialized businesses.

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  • Always Be Fair don't cheat,
    don't be late,
    remember your tasks,
    don't break rules
  • Be Ambitious but effective
  • Great Relations are great as long
    as they don't hurt
    the business
  • Start Discussion if you see that something
    is wrong or may be better


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AdTaily Group

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